Packing and moving are huge tasks. If you have the right tools and supplies, you will be able to manage it well without any stress. You also want to make sure your packages arrive at your new home in one shape. Start with good packing supplies and purchase the essential supplies well in advance. Prepare a checklist so you do not forget an item while shopping. Here are some packing supplies that make the packing process as simple and effortless as possible:

1. Specialty boxes

There are boxes made to fit shapes such as mirrors, TVs and frames. There are wardrobe boxes that allow you to directly hang your ironed clothes and place them in your closets at your new home without a crease. Frame boxes protect the corner of the box and prevent damage during the move.

There are guitar, lamp, crib and even mattress boxes. Generally, when it comes to boxes small boxes are suited for kitchen items, glassware and other delicate belongings. These boxes should be strong and classified as heavy-duty boxes.

2. Protective and bubble wrap

Wrap is essential to protect fragile items such electronic equipment, glassware, antiques and dishes. Apart from wrapping these items with the bubble wrap, you can use the wrap to line the boxes for extra protection.

3. Packing paper

To save buying too much bubble wrap, packing paper is used to wrap glasses, plates and delicate items. You can use more for the breakable items. Additionally, you can use paper to fill in the empty space within the box so items do not shift around when transported.

4. Plastic wrap

Different from bubble wrap, plastic wrap can prevent dirt, water and dust from entering. You can use plastic wrap to cover your mattress, shoes, furniture, lamp top, draws and even wrap the disassembled small pieces of furniture.

5. Labeling materials

You do not have to buy expensive materials to label your boxes. Different colored sharpies can help do the job. Assign different colors to each room. This organization will make it easy when loading the boxes and when unloading. It also helps to place them into the correct rooms saving time in sorting boxes and placing items.

6. Packing tape

Never go cheap on the tape, as this keeps the boxes secure while moving. Purchase a handheld tape dispenser to make the sealing process easy. There is a tendency to buy one or two tape rolls, but during packing, you may run out of tape. Always buy in bulk to avoid running out of tape and having to stress with a last minute purchase.

7. Dollies

Usually the moving company provides the dollies, but it is always good to have your own when preparing your packing so you can easily move items and organize them in order of priority. You can always purchase a secondhand dolly to do the job! A dolly trolley can be useful even after the move so you do not have to worry about reselling it.

8. Scissors and box cutters

Scissors will help to cut wraps, tape and paper. Box cutters are good for opening sealed boxes. They can also be used when sealing boxes with tape.

9. Moving blankets and pads

These blankets and pads prevent damages and keep items especially furniture protected in a moving truck. Check with the moving company you hire if they provide these supplies. If not, include these items on your purchase list.

10. Ziploc bags

You probably never think of Ziploc bags for moving, but these bags are very handy to sort and pack small items. It is useful for cables, phone chargers, headphones, make-up and more.

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