If you want your kitchen or bathroom to look exquisite, you should consider granite countertop finishes. Granite finishes feature an intense beauty that most other countertop materials cannot match. If you want to take your kitchen or bathroom to the next level, the kind that wows your guests, then a granite countertop finish is what you should go for.

With over twenty colour shades to choose from, you are assured of finding one that blends perfectly with the rest of your kitchen fixtures such as cabinets, walls and floor.

There are three different types of finishes for granite countertops. These are polished, flamed, or honed finishes. Each of these finishes adds a unique look and texture to your countertop.

1. Polished Finish

Polished granite finishes are distinct and elegant. They feature a glossy shine that beautifully reflects light. This has the effect of illuminating the stone features, bringing out the beauty and shine of your granite countertop. But granite finishes are not all about beauty. Among all the other equally spectacular granite finishes, they are the easiest to maintain. Besides, their sparkling appearance brings alive all the colours on the stone.

Polished granite is popular with kitchen designs and is highly preferred by homeowners and designers due to its glossy finish, which adds an elegant rich feel to your kitchen space. Due to its ability to repel stains, it is an ideal choice for kitchen countertops. Apart from using it on kitchen countertops, polished granite also lends itself to application in other rooms such as your dining room where it can take the beauty and richness of your décor to a completely new level.

2. Honed Finish

These are becoming more popular by the day, especially in the installation of new countertops. Although honed finishes are smooth, they are not as shiny as polished finishes. This matte, buffed appearance gives your home a contemporary and casual feel that does not compromise the unmistakable elegance of your granite. It also works well as a flooring material since it rarely shows evidence of wearing or traffic patterns.

Honed granite can also be used as backsplashes or countertops where a slightly muted design is preferred. One thing to keep in mind is that the degree of honing can vary from one slab to another. Look at a variety of honed granite slabs before settling on the most appropriate one.

3. Flamed Finish

A flamed finish involves exposing granite to intense heat. This is immediately followed by exposing the simmering granite to extremely cold temperatures. As the stone melts, some of the crystals are shattered, leaving behind a rich, rough, textured granite surface.

Rough flamed finishes are ideal for those areas in your home that are prone to dampness. When used on exterior spaces such as a deck or patio, a flamed finish stands out beautifully. Flamed finish granite is also suitable for outdoor kitchen and other exposed exterior spaces. Due to their timeless beauty and elegance, flamed finishes are increasingly becoming popular with new kitchen countertops.

The thing about granite is that it is very hard and does not scratch. With proper use, a granite countertop can last for a long time. Since it is heat resistant, it can withstand most of the heat-producing appliances such as a hot pan. Granite is also highly resistant to stains and does not absorb liquids as long as it has been professionally installed.

Whichever type of finish you prefer, the durability, elegance, and capacity for stain resistance have made the use of granite a favourite choice for kitchen countertops. Besides, granite finishes come in a wide array of colour shades that blend in perfectly with your other kitchen fixtures.

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