Staging a home with modern furnishings, accents and accessories is becoming quite a common practice among home sellers. A staged home gives your home a lived-in feel that makes potential buyers imagine or see themselves actually living in. When potential buyers see a home ‘in action’, you do not have to describe it to them since they can actually see it and interact with it.

While staging your home, you can choose from a variety of modern furnishings, accents and accessories. These include furniture, accents and accessories for the bedroom, living room, dining room, and even for the home office.

1. The Living Room

Your living room is your home’s center of attraction. It is where most of the action happens. This is the place where family and friends spend time socializing. Furnishings and décor for the living room should, therefore, promote a relaxed laidback atmosphere. Options for staging the living room with modern Gus furnishing include contemporary or classic furniture.

You can furnish your living with a variety of types of furniture such as accent chairs and chaises, benches and ottomans, coffee tables, console tables, end tables, love seats, media consoles, and sectionals sofas. The main goal of living room décor should be to promote comfort. Consider playing around with furniture featuring different colours to make your living room come alive.

Accessories for the living room should be attractive and easy on the eye. You can accessorize your staged living room with mirrors, artwork, rugs, and lamps.

2. Dining Room

Appropriate staging of your dining room can make your home stand out. Furniture and décor for the dining room should aim at making it attractive and functional. Among ideal furniture for the dining room include tables, chairs, dining tables, sideboards, servers, and stools. One of the keys to having an attractive, functional décor for your dining is working with the space at your disposal. The idea is to use furniture and décor that makes your dining room look and feel spacious.

3. The Bedroom

Besides the living room, the bedroom is another central part of your home. The focus when staging a bedroom should be to make it look and feel spacious, comfortable, elegant and calm. The colours should be light and warm to promote a sense of relaxation, peace and calm. The staging furniture for your bedroom should feature modern and contemporary furniture.

You can have your choice of night tables, dressers, headboards, or mattress frames to make your bedroom stand out and help sell your home faster. While picking up furniture for your bedroom, go for the type that complements the rest of your décor to transform your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary.

4. Home Office

The number of people opting to work from home is increasing by the day. Having a home office is today becoming a standard for modern homes. The goal behind staging a home office should, therefore, be to create an organized, functional space that potential homebuyers will find irresistible.

Among ideal furniture for your home office should include a desk, a couple of chairs, a shelf, and a few appropriate accessories. Depending on the space at your disposal, you can stage a home office that would make potential buyers drool.

If you are selling your home, renting Gus modern furniture and décor to stage it is the most rational thing to do. Carefully select the furniture to enhance the appearance of every space in your home. Besides, strategically selected accessories and accents make your home come alive and nudge potential buyers towards purchasing your property. When accessorizing, the size, colour and arrangement of items in each room should play up the strengths of your home.

Consider placing artwork, lamps and mirrors in areas that you want to highlight. When choosing accent tables, select those that feature designs and styles that compliment your home.

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