Having wood flooring installed in your home is a smart choice. It is elegant, durable, and extremely easy to maintain. While its durability and easy maintenance are a guarantee even if you install the hardwood yourself, it is all for naught if the flooring looks poor. As a result, having the flooring installed by a professional should always be considered and below are 5 advantages of going this route.

1. Experienced

As mentioned, installing hardwood flooring can be a do-it-yourself job if you have the tools and enough know-how. However, a professional installer will ensure the job is done right and you are impressed with the finished result.

Experienced hardwood floor installers have the tools necessary to do the job. These can include saws that cut planks perfectly and adhesives to hold them in place. A hardwood floor also needs a level surface and a subfloor if moisture may be a concern later on. The installer will be able to inspect the surface and make any alterations before beginning the job to ensure the finished flooring is absolutely perfect.

2. Advice

You decide to have hardwood flooring installed and it was an easy choice in retrospect. However, there are many types of hardwood flooring and when it comes to narrowing down your choice you may need some help.

Hardwood flooring installers can not only install the flooring of your choice but can assist you in deciding on which one meets your needs. For example, if you have pets or children, you may want a flooring that is more scratch and spill resistant such as engineered hardwood. If you install the wood flooring in a basement, engineered hardwood would also be recommended due to the threat of moisture. If you want planks that you can and restrain as your preferences change, real hardwood would be best. These are factors a professional installer can bring to your attention.

3. Cost

Due to labour costs, homeowners tend to automatically assume that hiring a professional flooring installer will be more expensive. However, this is not necessarily true and choosing to do so can actually save you in the long run.

When you hire a flooring installer, you will only pay for the materials that you need as he/she will take accurate measurements for planks, adhesive, subflooring, and trim. As stated, the installer will also have all of the tools needed to do the job right, preventing you from running out to purchase anything you do not have.

4. Proper installation

If you have a little knowledge of laying floor, chances are you can do it and it may look acceptable. However, it does not take long for a poorly laid floor to show its issues and imperfections.

A professional installer is aware that different types of flooring require different installation methods. For example, real hardwood uses nails and adhesives to hold planks in place. Engineered hardwood often clicks together and floats about the subfloor. The installer is also cognizant of the underlayments that need to be required and that planks need to be acclimatized to the room’s temperature. Otherwise you will have a floor that buckles and gaps as they expand and contract.

5. Warranty

If you lay a hardwood floor, is there any type of warranty if something goes wrong? Of course not and this is a major perk of having a professional do it.

Most hardwood flooring planks come with a warranty of anywhere from 10 to 30 years. However, you will not be eligible for this warranty if any defects experienced are caused by improper installation. Hiring a professional installer will ensure you have recourse if anything goes wrong with the planks and labour is usually covered for up to one year. This is beneficial as most issues will present themselves within this timeframe.

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