The short-term rental market has greatly evolved in recent years, thanks to the likes of Airbnb and a wide variety of other websites and mobile applications. You can find a short-term rental in an attractive neighbourhood at an affordable price without the headache of hotels.

For some, however, the only downside of short-term rentals is that it is difficult to make them feel like home, particularly if you’re living in someone’s house. But don’t you worry: there are so many things you can do to make it seem like you’ve been living there for years.

Unsure what to do exactly?

Here are five tips to make your short-term rental feel like home:

1. Think About the Location

Before moving into your short-term rental, you should think first about the location.

Ultimately, you will want a short-term accommodation that suits your needs: close to work, close to amenities, close to your friends and family, and so on. Otherwise, if you relocate to another part of the city, even if it is for a few weeks or months, you will feel isolated and alone.

2. Plan Your Stay in Advance

Are you planning to stay for the month? Are you playing it by ear? Are you just waiting for your house to finish being constructed? How ever long your stay is, you should definitely plan it in advance – this will make everything seem a bit more exciting.

Everything from knowing what trinkets you want to purchase to considering how you will spend your nights, you should think about every single aspect of your short-term visit.

By doing this, you can make it feel like an extended vacation.

3. Be Sure to Invite Friends & Family

Do you want to make your short-term rental seem a bit cozier? The simplest way to accomplish this is by inviting friends and family over, either for a brief midday visit or for a nice Saturday night dinner.

We all know how our closet friends and our loved ones can brighten up any space. This is why we become so emotional and attached to our humble abodes: they are filled with memories and love.

4. Personalize Your Space But Don’t Overdo It

Even if you’re living in a short-term rental for a couple of weeks, you still want to somewhat personalize the space. Otherwise, again, you will feel like you’re an unwanted houseguest and alone.

So, after you move in, you should take out some photos, add a little bit of décor, and offer the personal touch. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed because we usually do this in hotel rooms anyway.

But you need to remember one thing: do not overdo it.

If you’re hanging artwork, painting the walls, bringing in every piece of furniture you own, and so much more, you’ll make the hassle of moving out a bit more difficult. You don’t want that to happen – we all hate moving so much, so why make it harder on yourself?

5. Do a Good Old-Fashioned Cleaning Job

Sure, the landlord will clean the short-term rental; they will scrub the floors, spray the oven, and take out the trash. You can count on the property owner to perform a rudimentary clean, but that’s it.

Since this is your place for the next little while, you should do the honours of performing a good old-fashioned cleaning job: intensely scrub the floors, bathtub, oven, cupboards, and other places. You can feel confident that you are residing in a hygienic, sanitary, and bacteria-free living space.

Indeed, there is nothing better than staying in a really clean apartment or house. Short-term rentals are becoming a big trend, particularly in big cities. Thanks to the likes of Airbnb and other mobile applications and websites, people can avoid the exorbitant hotel bills and stay in a much more comfortable and affordable place.

Moreover, if you are just waiting until your home is completed or you are living in a city for business, a short-term rental is still an attractive option.

When you want the comforts of home, a short-term rental should be considered at all times, whether you’re on vacation or on business. And you can still make like your own home by taking advantage of these suggestions.

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