Your backyard can become the junk drawer or hall closet of your outdoor space. All too often the backyard becomes a resting place for rusting tools or appliances. A strip of mud and weeds might mark the spot where the dog likes to run and bark. Undoubtedly, you had visions of a lovely backyard when you moved into your home.

Nevertheless, you can still transform your backyard into a veritable paradise. If you feel uncertain about where to start, the professionals at Royal Decks can design the perfect backyard living area just for you. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Light Up Your Backyard Life

Light Up Your Backyard Life

  • Use latticework or horizontal fencing to create a backyard wall. String lights along it to add ambiance at night.
  • Use old-fashioned streetlights at the corners of your patio to brighten up your yard.
  • Hang light strings from trees in your backyard to turn them into beautiful showpieces at night.

2. Add A Layered Deck

Add A Layered Deck

  • There is nothing quite like stepping out your back door onto your gorgeous new deck. Choose a design that complements your home.
  • While a one-layered deck is nice, additional layers add depth and character. Consider layering your deck down to a seating area surrounding a fire pit.
  • Finish your deck with edging to seal it and give the appearance of seamless lines.

3. Place A Pergola atop Your Deck


  • Upon finishing your deck, build a Pergola for elegance and shade over your deck. Either cover the whole deck or break it up by putting your Pergola over one or more portions of your deck.
  • Hang a swing from your Pergola. If you do not make it a double swing, then do not be upset when everyone else beats you to the best spot in the neighborhood.
  • Hanging plants from the slats of your Pergola adds elegance that doubles as a privacy measure.

4. Water Improves Everything

Water Improves Everything

  • Build a small pool or put an in-ground hot tub in your backyard. Add raised deck work around your water paradise.
  • Create a pool or spa cover out of material to match your deck. Once you finish using the pool or spa, pop the cover on and your deck looks completely normal.
  • With the cover in place, you can hold an evening party on your deck while the cover adds safety and stability for your guests. You run no risk of someone accidentally falling into the water.

5. Combine Raised Bed Gardens with An Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen

  • When installing your deck, add frames for a raised bed garden. Use the same wood and material to keep a similar theme throughout your backyard.
  • Take fresh dining to a new level. Add a grill to your deck. Once your garden produce is ready to harvest, take it straight to the grill for perfectly grilled baby vegetables.
  • Make sure you include an informal dining area with seats and a table for easy dining once you have grilled the food.

It takes minimal effort to talk to a professional about a decent backyard design. Do the project in stages and enjoy each stage fully as you watch your backyard transform from the cluttered mud hole it was to the sophisticated design it becomes.

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