Buying a condo is a huge investment. You have probably saved for years to get to this place, or perhaps you will be taking a mortgage. After deciding to buy a condo, the next most important decision you need to make is what kind of condo you want.

Purchasing a condo can be challenging, especially if you are not sure exactly what you want. However, with good planning and some guidance, it is a fun undertaking. Some of the considerations you will need to think about include the condo size, the number of bedrooms, the neighbourhood, etc.

To guide you in making a decision you will enjoy to live with, consider the following tips on what you should be looking for in a new condo, room by room.

1. Living Room

Assuming you will be bringing furniture along, will it fit or will you have to buy new furniture? Depending on your budget, make sure Your new condo has enough space in the living room to accommodate your furniture and other items.

2. Kitchen

Sometimes it’s good to take the opportunity to move into a new house to replace your furniture and other stuff. Of course, this will depend on your budget. Will you have enough left to upgrade or replace your existing kitchen appliances?

3. Bathroom

Is the bathroom spacious? While the bathroom is mostly not a tiebreaker, it’s good to plan ahead and ensure it will meet your needs. Perhaps you want the bathroom to have a couple of shelves and a cabinet. Take your time until you get a condo that meets most of your requirements, if not all of them.

4. Bedrooms

The bedroom is your sanctuary. This is where you retreat at the end of the day to rest and recharge your body. Make sure it’s spacious enough to accommodate your bed and other bedroom furniture. You might want to measure your current bedroom to gauge how the one in the condo you are planning to buy compares.

5. Storage and Parking

Your new condo should have adequate storage and packing space. Storage lockers and parking stalls come in various sizes and shapes. Do not wait until the day you move into your new condo to find out the parking and storage are not sufficient for your needs. Don’t be in a rush when viewing a prospective condo.

Take your time and inspect every aspect of the apartment. Only consider buying it if you are convinced it’s what you are looking for. Go over every room with a toothcomb and make sure it is as close to what you are looking for as possible. Even if you find one aspect of the condo that you will have difficulty living with, keep looking and you are likely to end up with a condo you love. Rather than looking at the condo from a bird’s vantage point, zoom in and, with painstaking attention to detail, scour every room and ensure each meets your requirements.

However, as much as it is important to look at every room, it is a great idea to have a real estate agent to guide you. Having an expert real estate agent guide you makes your work easier. Real estate agents have experience dealing with property buyers and sellers. They understand what is ideal and what is not. If they are honest, and they should be, they will give you professional advice on how to go about getting the most value out of a new condo. However, do not depend entirely on a realtor’s advice since he or she may only be interested in making a sale.

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