It may surprise you to know that the vast majority of home burglaries are not well thought out and planned too far in advance. It is usually a situation where the burglar is scoping out a neighbourhood for a home that they consider to be an easy target.

There are some ways of making your house look much more secure than your neighbours and hopefully, the opportunistic thief will skip your home. One of the best ways to avoid a burglary is to simply make it look like breaking into your home too much trouble.

1. Make sure your windows and doors are locked

When you are not in your home, then you should always close and lock your windows. Burglars have a keen eye for spotting entry points into a home and if any of these appear to be unlocked then they will jump at the chance.

This includes your front and back windows and doors too even if they are not visible from the street. Even though it is very common for people to leave out a spare key, this can be a real treat for burglars. Under a mat, in a fake rock, anywhere where you think no one has hidden a key, they probably have!

If you do want to keep a spare key somewhere safe, consider giving one to a relative so that if you are ever locked out you can just call them up and get access to your home in no time. Of course, you should also hire a locksmith to ensure all of the locks in your home are properly secured.

2. Make it look like someone is always home

If someone is home, then a burglar will think twice about breaking in. For this reason, you should always make it look like you’re home at all times. You can do this in a number of ways. There are timed plugs that you can buy that will turn on lights at certain times of the day whether you’re home or not. This gives the illusion that you are home each evening.

If you have gone away for a trip then it is always a good idea to cut the grass before you leave and arrange to have someone pick up your mail if you have an external mailbox. Overgrown grass and an overflowing mailbox are signs that burglars look for when looking for houses that have been empty for some time.

3. Always check the door to see who is there

If you hear a knock at the door, you should make a point of answering it. This doesn’t mean that you should always open the door, just check who is there and make yourself heard if you don’t feel comfortable opening the door to a stranger.

Checking to see if someone is home with some innocuous reason such as a sales call is a common way for burglars to check if someone is home. If no one answers then they know that the coast is clear for them to explore.

4. Hide expensive things

Take a look at your home from the street, can you see anything that looks expensive? Can you see your TV, stereo, computer or anything else that might indicate that your house is worth stealing from? This can often be the spark the piques a burglars interest.

5. Beware of dog

Even the beware of dog sign that you can buy from the dollar store can be enough to turn off the casual burglar. If you do own a dog, this will definitely deter most thieves from trying to enter your home. Dogs are one of the best alarm systems out there, they can alert you when you are home and bark loudly when you’re not.

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