A bathroom isn’t a place that you want to spend a ton of time in, but it is a place that you want to maximize your enjoyment of. To say that your bathroom experience is a delicate balance between convenience and comfort is something of an understatement.

However, there is one thing that you can buy that both assists your bathroom comfort and convenience. Of course, that item is a bathroom exhaust fan. Although, what are some good things to think about before buying an exhaust fan for your bathroom? Well, in the words below, you will find five good things to consider before buying a bathroom fan.

1. Bathroom Fan Sizing

There are certain things that you must keep in mind when you are choosing a fan. One of those things is exactly what kind of space you are working with. By judging how much space you have, you will be able to determine exactly how much ventilation that a certain fan will net you. After all, you will want to have your bathroom ventilation on point to ensure that you can actually breathe while you’re in there.

2. Installation Specifics

While most bathroom exhaust fans are installed into the ceiling, there are quite a few models that are able to be installed directly into your wall. No matter what you choose, you are going to want to know exactly where you will be installing it beforehand. This way, you will be far more prepared for the project and have the right mindset about how to proceed. Just be sure to choose the right sized duct adapter to meet your bathroom ventilation needs.

3. Features are Fun

Sure, you can go for a simple ventilation fan that does its job and not much else. There is nothing wrong with that at all. Then again, you could also go in for a few special features to back the fan up, such as a humidity detector or perhaps a built-in heater for those colder winter months. You could also spring for a motion detector, allowing the fan to switch on at the first sign of a bathroom occupancy, which is always convenient.

The more features that a bathroom exhaust fan has, the more switches that it will require, though. Get enough features and you may just need a special wall switch dedicated just to the fan.

4. All the Noise

Commercial exhaust fans are effective but loud, especially in an enclosed space such as a bathroom. Now, you may appreciate the extra noise, but a lot of people would more than likely prefer a quiet, peaceful setting in which to conduct their business. This is why you should attempt to try your fan in a store or perhaps do some online research into their noise levels before considering a purchase. You may end up with a quiet whirring, or may just find yourself listening to the dulcet sounds of a jet engine above your head. That choice is entirely up to your preferences.

5. Does it Work Well?

At the end of the day, once you put away all of the features and the finer details of installations and noises, you have to ask yourself if the fan actually works well. You want one that will do it’s job with efficiency, one that will make your bathroom time that little bit easier and more enjoyable. Does it help the area breathe, as it is supposed to? If so, then you might just want to consider that fan your starting point, and then take all of the finer details into consideration later.

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