When it comes to the front door on a home, they can be made of many types of material, such as wood, fibreglass, and steel. While all of these are quite common, the most popular type of front door is glass because of the many advantages they offer. Whether you are looking to replace a current door or are looking at your options for your new home, below are the benefits that glass door inserts offer.


Without windows and doors in a home, people would feel like they are in big boxes with no contact with the outside world. Therefore, it is important to have these and having a glass door allows you to enjoy the views from indoors.

In rural settings people can appreciate views of lakes, ponds, and forests, allowing them to experience nature from the comfort of their homes. In urban settings homeowners may like the ability to see visitors as they approach or the activities that their neighbours are participating in.

2. Still maintain privacy

Most people think of a transparent material when they think of glass. While this is understandable because glass is typically easy to see through, you can still maintain a great deal of privacy when you have a glass insert in your front door.

Glass panes in doors can be accompanied by fixtures such as drapes or curtain. When opened the homeowner can allow views into and out of the home and when drawn privacy can be achieved. As a homeowner you are given the opportunity to choose a transparent insert with these fixtures for privacy or an opaque option that allows you to enjoy seeing outside but prevents people from seeing in.

3. Security

Another mistake that lots of people make when it comes to glass is thinking that front door that includes it will be less secure. On the contrary, doors with glass inserts can be offer just as much security as other options.

Granted, glass can typically be smashed by a force of nature, accident, or by intruders looking to access your home. However, inserts used in doors are multi-layered, meaning that they are reinforced and it takes a significant impact to break them. For extra protection, the glass can be fitted with a steel grill. This allows you to enjoy the many benefits of your glass door but protect your house at the same time.

4. Light

In the warmer months sunlight is prevalent. Even if you feel like it you are not always able to spent every waking moment outdoors during this time of the season. However, thanks to glass inserts, you can still enjoy it.

Glass inserts are able to let in a great deal of sunlight, brightening your home in the process. In doing so, your house is energized and fresh. Whether you have transparent windows that let in full sunlight or opaque ones that offer patterns, you will be able to enjoy the natural light from the comfort of your home.

5. Energy savings

The costs of energy these days are higher now than ever before in history. As a homeowner you have enough to pay for and therefore you probably want to save on energy costs if you can.

In the winter months, glass inserts are beneficial because they have a greenhouse effect on your home. The natural sunlight allowed to enter heats up the inside of your home. This means that you will rely less on your furnace for warmth. In warmer climates, glass can be tinted, keeping the natural light out that would cause your home to be too hot.

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