When your swimming pool is out of style, you will want to give it a makeover. Having an updated swimming pool can improve the overall appearance of your home, making it more valuable in the real estate market. Here are six ways to give your swimming pool a makeover.

Swimming Pool Makeover Idea 1: Install Privacy Screens Around a Swimming Pool


If you want more privacy while swimming, then make sure to have privacy screens installed around your pool. Privacy screens can have opaque surfaces that will keep neighbors and anyone passing by from watching you as you relax around the swimming pool, and it is possible to extend the privacy walls to also having a roof so that no one can see you from above your swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Makeover Idea 2: Natural-looking Waterfall


You can create a beautiful oasis at your swimming pool by having landscapers install a natural-looking waterfall. The sound of a waterfall is soothing, and it can also help you circulate the water in a swimming pool so that it smells and looks clean. A landscape designer can use computer software to show you several ideas for unique waterfall features.

Swimming Pool Makeover Idea 3: Install a Waterslide


When you or your children enjoy the waterslides at amusement parks, you can add these items to your own swimming pools. You can find ready-made waterslide kits at online or nearby swimming pool stores so that you can install your own waterslide. If you don’t have do-it-yourself skills, then you can hire a handyman to install the waterslide next to the swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Makeover Idea 4: Add Lighting To Your Swimming Pool Area

swimming-pool lightiing

When you want to use your swimming pool at night, you will want to add lighting to the area. It is possible to have technicians install beautiful lights that emit different colors on the sides and bottom of a swimming pool. In addition, you can have strands of lights added around the pool to have a brighter area to relax.

Swimming Pool Makeover Idea 5: Call Royal Decks For a Deck Installation


If your swimming pool doesn’t have a deck, then you can call the experts at Royal Decks to design one. With a customized deck that is made from wood, stone or cement, you can have a place for furniture such as tables, chaises and benches so that you can relax around the swimming pool. If your swimming pool is difficult to access, then the builders can create a deck that has steps to reach the water.

Swimming Pool Makeover Idea 6: Add Beautiful Tile To a Swimming Pool

Swimming pool Tile

When the bottom and sides of a swimming pool are made from ugly cement, the pool won’t look attractive. Fortunately, technicians can empty your swimming pool to install gorgeous glass tiles that are made in a variety of colors such as blue or green so that your pool looks wonderful while you are swimming in the water or relaxing around it.

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