Do you need a blast of cool air to cope with the summer heat? Or do you live in a warm climate where air conditioning is essential? Rather than opting for a traditional air conditioning system, a reliable personal air cooler could be just what you’re looking for.

1. How the cooler works

Personal air coolers draw in hot air from the surrounding area using a fan. The air then passes through water that you’ve put in the cooler’s reservoir. This cools and moistens the air in a process known as evaporative cooling. As a result, the air blown out of the cooler can provide you with a refreshing blast and help keep the temperature down. Coolers are ideal if you’re working at a desk in a hot room or relaxing at home on the weekend. You can set the cooler up on your desk or next to your couch and enjoy the results.

2. Why use a personal air cooler?

Maybe you already have an air conditioning system and are wondering what benefits a personal air cooler could bring. One advantage is their efficiency. Imagine you’re the only person at home and just want to cool down a bit. Rather than turning on your entire AC system, which can end up increasing your energy bills if it’s running all day, you can use a personal cooler instead.

The technology these coolers use is extremely energy efficient, meaning you’ll be saving money while cooling down. Another possibility is that you’re in a building where you can’t control the temperature. For example, some large office or university buildings may have a centralized AC system. By switching on your personal cooler, you can reduce the temperature within minutes.

3. Powering your cooler

Depending on your needs, personal air coolers can be powered in different ways. Many operate on mains electricity, which is ideal if you have access to a power supply nearby. However, if you intend to use your cooler outdoors or somewhere else without a power socket, you should consider buying a battery-powered cooler.

4. Speed settings

Like a fan, air coolers have different operating speeds. Each model will be different, but you can usually expect there to be low, medium, and high settings on your portable air cooler. This flexibility enables you to use the cooler in various situations, such as on the lowest setting so it doesn’t make too much noise while you’re sleeping or on its highest setting during the hottest part of the day. Another thing to bear in mind is that using your cooler on a lower setting will allow it to run for a longer period without being topped up with more water.

5. Other features

If you plan on using your cooler at night, you may be interested in buying one that comes with LED lighting. These coolers will often have a switch, so you can decide how bright you want the light to be. Even when it’s on a low level of brightness, the light will allow you to easily check the speed setting of your cooler if you wake up during the night. Some models may also be equipped with a condensation drawer. This is a container below the fan for collecting water droplets that develop as the moist air is released.

6. Maintaining your cooler

For best results, it’s important that you empty your cooler of any remaining water when it’s not in use so the machine gets a chance to dry out. In addition, you should also clean the filter periodically to prevent mould from developing due to the moisture produced by the water. Finally, if you choose to buy a battery-powdered model, make sure you have a spare supply of batteries with you so you can keep your cooler running.

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