Perhaps you’re building a brand new stucco home or remodeling an existing stucco building. If you need some tips and ideas for choosing stucco wall colors, stucco ceiling colors or an exterior stucco color palette, we offer the following 6 tips for your consideration.

1. A Colour Palette of 2-3 Exterior Colours Works Best

Most homes utilize a main colour and one to two complementary trim colours, so be sure to choose at least two colours to use on your home exterior.

2. Consider the Existing or Planned Colour of Your Home’s Roof

When choosing a colour palette for your home’s exterior, the roof colour is one of the most important considerations.

If you’re renovating an existing home, you’ll want the home’s new colours to complement the roof colour.

If your current roof is black or grey, it’s advisable to choose a cool toned colour palette for the plaster exterior. Light grey, cool white or grey-blue would all be appropriate colour choices.

If your current roof is brown, red or any other warm colour, it’s advisable to choose a warm toned colour palette for the plaster colour as well. Cream, off-white, camel, khaki, beige, tan or golden tones would all complement a brown roof, and most of these colours would also work well with a red or rust coloured roof.

3. Draw Inspiration FromYour Neighbors’ Exterior Siding Colours

You definitely don’t want your home to be incongruous with its surrounding environment, so it’s a good idea to take a look at the siding colours on your neighbours’ houses before you decide on your own palette. There’s no need to copy a neighbour’s exact colour scheme, but do take it into consideration when you create yours.

4. Choose Exterior Colors Outdoors

Colours appear different depending on their environment. It doesn’t make any sense to sit inside under fluorescent lighting when you choose your colours; that won’t give you an accurate idea of how they’ll really look on your home, since the actual colours will always be viewed outdoors in daylight or moonlight.

5. Be Aware of the Best Stucco Ceiling Colours

Light-coloured ceilings are trendy for 2017, so it’s ideal to use a white or off-white colour on your stucco ceiling. This is a particularly important detail to be aware of if you’re performing a popcorn ceiling repair; your old popcorn ceiling is likely to be done in an outdated colour, so you’ll want to freshen it up with a current colour choice.

6. Consider the Best Stucco Trim and Cornice Moulding Colours

Once you’ve established the focal colour for your home, it’s easy to choose contrasting trim colours. If you’ve chosen a dark colour for the main portion, choose a white or light trim color. If you’ve chosen a light colour for the main portion, you may wish to choose a darker tonal variation of the main colour.

As you proceed with your upcoming home construction project, we hope you’ll have an easier time with your colour choices thanks to these 6 tips on choosing the right stucco colors for your home. Best wishes for a smooth, colourful and successful project.

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