It is hard to determine when a roof needs repair or replacement as it is not checked or inspected everyday. Since it is not in sight, you cannot see the immediate issues such as deterioration or damage. It is important that you inspect your roof every six months to ensure it is strong. Finding small issues earlier on will prevent costly repairs or replacement.

Even the smallest signs can be an indication of huge problems in the near future. Most importantly, you can prevent possible dangers of your roof collapsing. Here are some of the early warning signs your roof needs repair:

1. Water damage and leakage

Damp patches on your roof should alarm you of issues with your roof. Watermarks and mildew are a good indication that water is seeping in. Take the necessary steps to prevent a replacement by ensuring that water is not leaking from your roof and is properly funneled through a roof drainage system.

2. Loose tiles

When you check your roof twice a year, check to see whether the roof tiles are intact and not unattached. Loose roof tiles are hazardous as they can fall onto a person and cause serious injuries or make the roof vulnerable to harsh climates. One or two tiles can always be replaced. However, if there are many tiles loose or missing, it is time to replace your weak roof. Act quickly to prevent your roof from caving in.

3. Saggy roof

All roofs follow a straight line along the ridge. If there is any sagging appearance, it is a warning of structural damage and misalignment. Sagging is caused by exposure to water and moisture, exposure to harsh winters, faulty roof materials, improper installations and too much weight on the roof.

To prevent this issue, you have to frequently check your roof to ensure proper draining of rainwater and correct installation with quality roof materials. It is important to check how much load your roof can tolerate. If you notice any misalignment, make sure to contact a professional roofing company to inspect and repair or replace your roof.

4. Algae, moss and lichens

Algae is a living organism that starts to grow with dampness, dust and pollen. Moss grows in shaded areas of the roof. You will notice light and dark spots on the granules of shingles which is a fungus that is emerging.  While algae may not cause serious damage to your roof, it is visually unpleasant.

Lichen can ruin the appearance of the roof with the many spots. Moss can cause more damage such as erosion to shingles. Regardless of the level of damage, you need to hire a professional roofing company to see if your roof needs cleaning, repair or a complete replacement.

5. Energy bills are higher

Your roof does more than just prevent rain and protect your home. It can offer insulation by preventing your home from losing heat in the cold seasons and reducing heat during hot summers. When your heating and cooling bills are high, you should immediately check your roof for any damage and leakage.

6. Roof age

Roofs protect your home and give you and your family shelter. A roof that has been there for a long time has tolerated almost all types of weather conditions and has deteriorated over time. If your roof has served 20 years, you should inspect it and think about replacing it in the next 2 to 3 years. A roof life is typically 25 years. Despite the age of your roof, you may find that it looks good from the outside. Don’t let that stop you from having your roof inspected and replaced.

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