Decorating your dining room should be a thrilling experience. You may not be as good as Michelangelo sculpting yet another masterpiece from a piece of rock, but you can at least sculpt a masterpiece out of your dining room. You can do this by avoiding these seven mistakes most people make.

1. Too Little Light in the Dining Room

Most people relegate the dining room to an area without enough natural light. This can make the area look and feel depressing. To enjoy meals with friends and family, you need a comfortable dining room with as much natural lighting as possible. If you don’t have enough flexibility to get more natural lighting into your dining room, use mirrors and creative lighting to make your dining area come alive.

2. Neglecting to Spruce Up

A neglected dining room can be an eyesore. If your dining space is where every odd item is dumped, no one would want to sit there. Instead, they will look for excuses to have their meals on the porch or elsewhere in your home. You can bring life to your dining area by adding colour and other decorative items. For instance, you can place fresh flowers in vases on your dining table for that outdoor feel. Wall hangings and paintings are other options for decorating your dining room.

3. Placing a ‘Paparazzi’ Pendant Light on the Dining Table

Some people think having a pendant lamp on the dining table is a cool thing. On the contrary, the light could be a little too harsh and uncomfortable. Instead, find ways of diffusing it with colourful pendant lights that have a gentler glare.

4. Being Overly Formal

A bit of fun and casualness are highly recommended for your dining room décor. Some dining rooms are too formal to encourage any fun conversation at dinner. The focus of a dining room décor should be to provide a warm cozy atmosphere where everyone can relax and enjoy both the meals and the dining table chatter.

5. Too Cramped Up

Ideally, a dining room should be spacious enough to allow easy movement. However, even a small dining room can look spacious if you remove unnecessary clutter or extra furniture that should not be there in the first place. As long as everyone is comfortable, the rest of the furniture should go. You may also have to consider a small dining table or recreate your dining area in an alternative larger space in your home.

6. Having a Run-Off-the-Mill Dining Room

Another mistake you should avoid is going for cookie cutter decorations. Instead, take this chance to bring your unique style and taste into your dining room. If it looks like one of too many, you may not feel like it’s your home. As I said, you may not have the artistry finesse of Michelangelo, but you can at least decorate your dining space your way. There are various ways to make a dining room announce your personality and style. For instance, you can furnish it with an eclectic mix of chairs; make creative use of colour, or add a cozy rug to your dining space.

7. Uncomfortable Seats

Another mistake is buying dining room seats that look good but are not comfortable. Test the seat before buying it to make sure it’s comfortable enough. The height of the chairs should also be appropriate for the size and height of the dining table.

The dining room is a special place in your home. This is where nourishing meals are shared and many conversations held. It should, therefore, be warm, bright and cozy to keep everyone relaxed and at ease. Above all, you should decorate it to reflect your unique personal taste and style.

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