Is your lawn healthy, green and lush, or does it constantly look sick? Do you feel like there is something you should do to improve the condition of your lawn, but you’re not sure where to start?

Here are 7 things that can go wrong with your lawn, as well as lawn care tips to help you fix these problems.

1. Your lawn can be stressed out during a drought

Hot and dry weather can end up stressing out your lawn. During a drought, grass can go dormant and end up looking like straw.

Fortunately, this is temporary and should resolve when the drought is over. If it persists, however, sprinkle a quarter of a inch of water all over your lawn to keep grass roots alive.

2. Yellow stripes can mark your lawn

Have you ever seen yellow stripes appear all over your otherwise green lawn? It could simply be a sign of uneven fertilizer application.

To solve this problem, keep in mind that fertilizer needs to be applied evenly. If you are using a drop-type spreader, be sure to overlap your wheel tracks.

3. Weeds can take over your lawn

You might not have time to pull out crabgrass and other weeds as soon as you see them appear on your lawn, but if you never take a moment to do it, they might eventually take over.

If weeds have taken over your lawn, use a weed-killer to get rid of them. Be sure to follow the instructions on the label to avoid causing damages to your lawn.

4. Moss can take over your lawn

If moss has taken over your lawn, it’s probably because your grass doesn’t get enough sunlight to grow healthy and strong.

If you can’t eliminate shady areas, you could turn to a lawn care expert to have your grass replaced with a different type of grass that can tolerate shade.

5. White grubs can damage the roots of your lawn

Brown patches on your lawn might be a sign that something lies underneath. Something like beetle grubs. Pull up a patch of dead grass and check if you see any C shaped white grubs.

You will have to replace dead grass with new grass, but not after getting rid of those grubs with some grub killing chemicals.

6. Your lawn can catch a fungus disease

Dead patches of grass can also be caused by different types of fungus disease. These can be very difficult to diagnose.

Using less fertilizer or watering your lawn less often could be the solution you need, but you might want to ask lawn care experts for advice.

7. A dog can use your lawn as a toilet

A small, circular spot of dead grass could be a sign that a dog has been using your lawn as a toilet.

Try to keep the dog away from your lawn. This might be easier said than done, but if the dog leaves your lawn alone, it should recover just fine.

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