Rats and mice are a horrible menace. When they invade your home, their trail of destruction leaves in its wake a lot of mess and damage. Besides, rodents are known to spread disease and can also pose serious damage to the structure of your home due to their tendency to chew on anything they come across. If not immediately dealt with, rats and mice can cause you a lot of problems. Below are among damages that these rodents can rain upon your home.

1. They Gnaw and Chew Anything

Rats and mice are very small but destructive creatures. Most of their damage is done in small incremental bites that can prove very costly in the long run. They tend to chew on anything they come across. To them, anything chewable is food. They can chew on wood, papers and books, clothes and even cables. They can even chew into important family documents and clothes. By chewing on wires, they leave them exposed, causing your electronics to short-circuit. In worst case scenarios, homes have been known to catch fire due to exposed wires.

2. They Burrow into Anything for Nesting

Rats and mice have a habit of burrowing into anything to create nests. This could be your beloved couch where they seek to create nesting places. This damages the furniture. They tend to look for places with the least disturbance where they can retreat and relax undisturbed. As a result, they burrow into large electrical appliances in search of nesting places. In the process, they chew up wires, which ends up causing the appliance to malfunction.

3. Contamination of Surfaces

As these rodents run circles around your house, they leave urine trails and droppings. This contaminates the surface of your house. It also contaminates any food item they come into contact with. As a result, they can easily spread diseases as the house occupants come into contact with the contaminated surfaces and food. Among the diseases that these rodents cause include hantavirus, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCM), plague, and tularemia.

4. They Cause Leaks

Since rodents can easily travel inside water pipes, as they do, they eat into the pipes from the inside. As they tunnel through pipes, they gather materials to make their nests as comfortable as possible. With time, the pipes become weak and start leaking.

5. They Burrow Through Small Crevices on your Wall

Rats and mice also hide in small crevices in walls where they can’t be reached. However sealed up your home is, when a rat decides it has to enter, you can’t stop it. If necessary, it will eat into those miniature crevices until they are wide enough for them to sneak in. This can cause serious damage to the structure of your home as they burrow into important structural parts of the house.

6. Destroy Vital Documents

Rats and mice do not know the difference between used newspapers and vital documents. To a rat or mice, anything that can make their nests comfortable should be torn into and converted into a comfortable nesting cushion.

7. Rats Can Weaken Your Home’s Foundation

There are some burrowing rats that are so aggressive they can weaken the foundation of your home. While this is not common, it is possible for rats to burrow under the foundation of your house and thus weaken it.

Rats and mice can wreak havoc on your house. While they are not intentionally mean rodents, they are selfish little brats that only think about themselves and their comfort. Whatever they come across is either food or an object for making their nesting places as comfortable as possible. However, as they continue with their selfish exploits, they leave behind them damages to the home that could cost you a pretty penny to repair. You should be proactive and call a pest control company before the rats take over your home!

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