Anytime you own property; it’s important to take some preemptive steps before winter comes. Executing some preemptive maintenance will help you avoid large repair bills while keeping your tenants safe. If the winters can be brutal in your area, it’s essential to get your property ready ahead of time. Check out these 7 different things you can do to prepare your property for winter.

1. Get Your Heating System Serviced Before The Cold Hits

Hiring an expert to look at your heating system can improve how efficient your system is. Getting your heating system winterized will ensure its ability to withstand low temperatures. Professionals will take measures to ensure water doesn’t freeze in your pipes which can eventually cause them to crack. Paying for preemptive maintenance is much less expensive than dealing with a burst pipe and water damage.

2. Inspect The Seals On Your Doors And Windows

Part of your preparation for winter needs to be sealing up leaks around your property. Pick a windy day to look for broken seals since the wind will make them more noticeable. Check the tops and bottoms of your windows and doors. Having a proper seal around your windows and doors will prevent your heating system from working too hard. If you have older windows on your property, you may need to wrap them with plastic window wrap to keep out the drafts.

3. Consider Upgrading Your Insulation

Upgrading your insulation is another simple way you can prepare your property for a cold winter. Proper insulation will help reduce your heating bills. If you have an empty attic, consider having insulation blown into the space to help with heat retention. It’s also worth putting extra insulation around your pipes to prevent any freezing. Insulating your basements and crawl spaces will also reduce how much warm air is able to escape your home.

4. Attack Ice Before It Has A Chance To Build Up

Having a plan for snow and ice removal before the winter hits will make your life a lot easier. Using adequate amounts of liquid de-icer before it gets really cold will prevent large ice build ups. Make sure you have enough salt, de-icer, and other tools on hand as the winter begins. As a property owner, your investment in ice and snow removal is a necessity otherwise you can be held liable for accidents.

5. Install Quality Matting At Your Entrances

It’s important to keep your entrances free of muck, grime, and water created by all the melted snow. Using quality rubber mats will help trap all the water and debris brought in by people when they enter your building. Try and extend your rubber matting fully around your entrance. The more water you can absorb, the less cleanup you’ll have to do on a daily basis.

6. Develop A Relationship With Your Snow Clearing Company

Having a good relationship with your snow removal company makes life a lot easier. When they become familiar with you, they pay special attention to your needs and requirements. Having a good relationship with your snow removal company will also ensure you’re not stuck in a bind after a large snow storm.

7. Inspect Your Roof

If your roof has any problems, you want to deal with them before winter fully hits. It’s worth investing in regular roof inspections before winter. If your roof is bending, drooping, cracking or missing mortar, it may be unstable. It’s important to address these problems before it starts snowing as the heavy snow will sit on your roof and make the problems worse. Remember to include a roof inspection on your winter check-up list.

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