If you are drawn to the incredible beauty and style of brick veneer, you are not alone. This material essentially takes thin slices of brick and turns them into a usable material for homeowners, decorators and others. Veneer has both interior and exterior applications. For example, it is commonly used as siding on homes, and it may also be used as panels or surfacing material for fireplaces. While these are some of the more common uses of this product, you may be interested to explore other creative uses for it around the house.

Interior Faux Walls
One beautiful idea is to install an interior faux wall in your home. This is most commonly completed in a living room or dining room, but it also looks lovely in a home office or even a bedroom. It brings the rustic, raw look of a brick façade into the home to create gorgeous charm. With brick veneer available in an exceptional range of colors and styles, it is easy to find the perfect one that will look great in your home.

Kitchen Back Splash
Another exceptional idea is to use veneer as a kitchen back splash. Most commonly, tile is used as a back splash material because it is rather affordable and easy to keep clean. Brick veneer gives you a creative alternative that instills a more casual and unique charm to the space. The veneer can be installed in many of the same patterns that you would use to install tiles, giving you creative flexibility to create the desired look in your kitchen with the use of veneer material.

Decorative Pillars or Columns
If you want to instill the look of brick in your home without overwhelming the space with a huge wall of brick, another idea is to add decorative pillars or columns. You may already have some pillars or columns installed in your home, and you simply need to cover these over with veneer. If not, you can work with a contractor to add columns, and these columns can then be covered with veneer for a decorative touch. This gives the look that the columns are part of the backbone of the house and that the brick has been exposed for decorative effect.

The use of veneer is becoming increasingly common because of its unique way of adding a touch of relaxed sophistication to the space. While more popular than ever, it is important to note that the wide range of styles of veneer as well as the unique uses and even the pattern used when installing the material all give you the ability to create a wall that perfectly fits the personality of your home. Take a closer look at some of the gorgeous styles available today to find the inspiration you need to decorate your home.

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