Pooling water is an unfortunately common landscaping challenge that many homeowners have. After a heavy rainstorm or a long watering session, you may notice that water tends to pool in a specific area of your yard. This can make it difficult to grow vegetation in the area, and it can create a muddy, soggy mess for you to contend with. Altogether, it is a functional and aesthetic problem that you may be eager to address. Overcoming this challenge is necessary if you want to have a gorgeous yard, and there are several landscape design solutions you can consider.

Increase the Elevation
If you have a small area of ground that collects water in a pool, increasing the elevation where the water is puddling is one option to consider. For example, you can add a few bags of topsoil to the area so that water no longer drains downward into a low-lying area of your yard. This can, however, cause the water to flow to other areas depending on the lay of the land. In some cases, adding topsoil can expand the problem or simply shift the problem to other areas. Therefore, other landscape design solutions may be considered. The experts at Royal Decks are capable of providing you with further information.

Build Irrigation Ditches
Another idea is to build irrigation ditches in your yard. These can be used to channel the water away from the house and other structures, such as a gazebo. Irrigation ditches may be covered with permanent features, such as a patio or decks, to make them more aesthetically pleasing. In some cases, the entire yard must be graded so that water flows into the ditches and away from the property as desired. Professional services are often required for this method.

Terrace the Yard
Depending on the slope of your yard, terracing may also be effective. This is most commonly used when you have a steeply sloping yard. The premise is to create several level areas of the yard at different elevations with a stair step design. At each level, you may add irrigation ditches or other features to channel the water to the appropriate area. This method is more commonly used to address a widespread pooling issue, and it can create flat areas that can be used more functionally by the property owner.

Landscaping services can be customized based on your specific needs. When you hire the right landscape design professional, he or she will inspect your yard carefully and will ask about specific problems you have, such as pooling. Then, he or she will make smart recommendations that will improve the functionality as well as the look of your yard. You can schedule a consultation with a landscaper today to get started.

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