Moving to a new office space can be an exciting time for your company. With the potential for higher productivity, more streamlined workflow, and improved employee morale, moving day can’t arrive quickly enough. Before you leave your current office, though, there are some important items you need to take care of to ensure there are happens as smoothly as possible. Here are some things to check before the last person “turns out the lights.”

Find Sensitive Documents

A lot can happen over the course of many years in one space. One common occurrence is that papers fall down behind desks, never to be seen again. Of course, as long as your company occupies the office, this is okay, but if you’re vacating the space and leaving some furniture behind, make sure to check behind each piece to ensure there’s nothing you don’t want someone else discovering.

Remove Company Logos

Your company’s logo is one of its most valuable pieces of intellectual property. Therefore, it’s important to safeguard it whenever possible. This means removing all three-dimensional logos and painting over any that remain. This prevents anyone from using your logo for a less-than-desirable purpose, leading to a public relations nightmare that you didn’t even create.

Check for Hazards

Sometimes, despite your best intuition, you can’t help but overload that surge protector that’s located right where you need it to be. While this is dangerous for the person who has done it, it’s even more dangerous if you leave it that way for someone who’s not expecting it. If you’re leaving your office equipment behind, make sure to unplug it all or distribute the cords correctly before you head to your new space.

Take it All

In the craziness of getting everyone moved to the new office space, it can be tempting to leave some of the smaller items behind, such as all those paper clips, staples, and rubber bands that get lost in deep desk drawers. The fact is, though, that these supplies cost money, and wasting them by leaving them behind is a poor use of company resources. Matco moving will help you ensure everything finds its place in the new office. If you’re using Matco moving or another moving company, you can load these supplies up in one box and have someone else carry it away for you.

Clean, Maybe

Depending on what will be done with the office space after you leave, it may or may not be in your best interest to clean it before you’re gone. Of course, if you have any sort of security deposit or other refund at stake, cleaning it may be a good idea. If, however, the leasing company is sending in a cleaning crew to get the space ready for the next tenant anyway, you may want to leave things just as they are.

Take Your Time

Though you may be on a tight schedule to get your employees to the new office space, it’s important to take your time, especially as you pack up to get ready to move. Extra time spent packing will ensure a faster transition once you arrive in the new space. This will allow everyone to settle in more easily and get back to work more quickly.

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